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Запись от 4 август 20 года.

Если увижу на стене «Что дарить?», я вам лично БАН подарю.
Меню на телефонах было перенесено с изменением интерфейса вк для телефонов. Оно находиться в «Подробной информации»
Показать полностью.
Меню v.2.008: (15.12.2018)
— Переработан раздел «Трофеи». Таблица в разделе «Где они» не стабильно если много БукоВ. Так что я её снёс и сделал таблицу в Excel и сделал фото. Это проще чем с таблицей возиться. Своенравная дама. Если В таблице не хватает данных. Вам выпало в подземелье, а в таблице этого нет пишите сообщение в группу под Аватаром группы. Я её в несу как будет время.
— Добавлены «Часто Задаваемые Вопросы» их наполнения. Девочки с подгоревшим японским омлетом уже нет.
Игра v. 1.3.7(2.08.2020)
Небольшие исправления ошибок
Если ведите что у вас есть того чего нет в меню. Делайте фото и присылайте с небольшим пояснением.
Если есть какие нибудь предложения можете написать сообщение под Аватаром группы. Кнопка «Написать сообщение». Просто так туда на писывать не надо, отвечать не буду.

Как было замечено исчезла строка для ввода кодов. Пока не известна вернё1тся ли она. на время коды потом останутся. если он через 6 месяцев не вернётся тогда будут удалены за ненадобностью.

2 Кекса для вас.(Одноразовые)

1) Выберите в левом окне опцию левой верхней шестерни
2) Введите код купона thankyouforpatience
3) Дадут 20 кристаллов.

1) Введите код купона 9M2K8K7SSE
2) Дают Сабори (обычная версия) и 40 кристаллов.

PS: Если какой то из кодов не работает не расстраивайтесь, считайте что вы их и не видели.

Источник статьи: http://vk.com/club148715699


This page will also explain decks and cards. eventually.

There are the following characters: — Dungeon Explorer (start with) — Holy Guardian (1000m) — Sword Dancer (2000m) — Treasure Hunter (3000m) — Elemental Master (not released for now) Each has their own starting deck, base stats, and also a unique set of learn-able skills as you level up to 20.

There is a character base stats bonus for each MAX affection partner you have, of 10 HP and 5 Atk.

I don’t know what the stats after attack actually do, but am including them in case someone can make sense of them later. Smaller deck means less variance in what you pull and larger fraction of boosters, which are both good.


Skills [ edit | edit source ]

All characters follow the same pattern of skill chances to appear at a given level, but with a different set of unique skills and high boosts. At each level up, 3 are randomly chosen to be available, depending on the current weights of all skills (higher being proportionally more likely to be chosen). Some skills follow a series denoted by roman numerals, and all skills in the series have weights; I would guess that only the current number’s weight is considered and the others are ignored, but have not confirmed this. None of this has been rigorously tested in-game, so if you notice a trend in what skills you find that disagrees with the information here, try to propose an alternate skill selection algorithm given these weights.

Below is a table of weights of possible skills, where S1, S2, S3, SS, B1, B2 depend on the character chosen. (skill 1, 2, 3, special skill, high boost 1, 2). The levels with + mean it keeps that weight for all future levels, except when specifically overwritten on levels 10 and 20.

HP and Attack have 10 levels each, the first 5 levels giving double (400, 200) the last 5 (200, 100). Healing has 5 levels, each adds 3%, but * the last 2 levels have 1/3 the weight of the first 3. High boosts give (800, 400) respectively.

Hand Keep allows you to draw when you are down to two cards rather than one. Change card type will set one of the cards in your hand to that type, for the whole deck, without changing its value or distance. Escape has 3T, Change type has 4T.

Level Weights
2+ Hand Keep 20, S1 20, S2 20, S3 20
3+ HP UP 1000, Attack Up 1000, Healing Up 300*, Escape 100, Change Attack 100, Change Charge 100, Change Counter 100, Change Heal 100
5+ B1 10, B2 10
9+ SS 10
10/20 Hand Keep 100000, S1 100000, S2 100000, S3 100000, B1 50000, B2 50000, SS 50000

The 3+ category adds all the common skills, it leaves you with about 10% chance to find a rare skill each non-10 level, depending on what you have maxed out or gotten. Level 2 forces you to get a rare skill, pretending you got Hand Keep for simplicity, on level 10 your chances will be 6/9 to find each of S1, S2, S3, and 3/9 to find each of B1, B2, SS, with negligible chance to get the common skills. The number 9 would reduce by 1 for each 50000 weight of rare skills you have, or maybe if your B2 is blocked by your B1. Finding SS in a run won’t happen about a third of the time, depending on your other skill choices.

below are each character’s skills, name — description (relevant arguments) — cooldown. I don’t know what all the arguments do, but for most it is a multiplier in percent, or a simulated value of an attack card. Arguments of 1 usually denote ignoring defense.

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Dungeon Explorer [ edit | edit source ]

Balanced deck, 20 cards. Not much special about this character, but the partner’s bond skill can be really powerful with, for example, stun partners.

Health: 1000, Attack: 1000, Heal: -30, Guard: 5, Charge: 2, Attack type: Slash

ST: Partner’s Bond — The partner uses her skill next turn — 6T
S1: Apprentice Explorer — Boost the effect of next card (150) — 6T
S2: First Aid — Heal 1/3 of max HP (-33) — 5T
S3: Quick Move — Take two consecutive actions (bugged?) — 12T
B1: Attack High Boost I
B2: HP High Boost I
SS: Partner’s Potential — Significantly boost the partner’s next attack (200, 300) — 8T

Holy Guardian [ edit | edit source ]

Counter-focused deck, 15 cards. Heal skills are very good, and countering reduces damage taken. Good for surviving in the later boss fights. Her basic heal actually does 66%, and her counter stance reduces damage taken to 10%, or 5% with a counter card.

Health: 1200, Attack: 900, Heal: -50, Guard: 10, Charge: 1, Pierce

ST: Cure — Heal 50% of max HP (-66) — 7T
S1: Shield Bash — Deal damage to the enemy (1100) — 4T
S2: Holy Shield — Significantly reduce the damage dealt next turn (-10, 1) — 8T
S3: Counter Stance — Significantly boost the effect of next counter card (250) — 8T
B1: HP High Boost I
B2: HP High Boost II
SS: Great Heal — Heal all of max HP (-100) — 7T

Sword Dancer [ edit | edit source ]

Attack-focused deck, 25 cards. Survivability is poor, but can kill things very fast. Sword Dance:Boost will boost all hits of Dancing Blades and stay activated, so you can get up to 6 2.2x boosted attacks at once and kill the first 6 bosses in one turn.

Health: 800, Attack: 1100, Heal: -50, Guard: 10, Charge: 1, Pierce

ST: Sword Dance:Absorb — Deal damage to the enemy and heal 1/3 of that damage (1700, 33) — 6T
S1: Sword Dance:Boost — Significantly boost the effect of next attack card (220) — 9T
S2: Dancing Blades — Use all attack cards in the hand to perform an all-out attack — 11T
S3: Sword Draw — Discard the entire hand and draw same number of cards — 6T
B1: Attack High Boost I
B2: Attack High Boost II
SS: Blade Dance:Absorb — Deal massive damage to the enemy and heal 50% of that damage (3400, 50) — 6T

Treasure Hunter [ edit | edit source ]

Balanced deck, 10 cards. Benefits the most from boosters due to small deck size. Skills are focused around opening chests, though if you can get both paralyze skills she becomes viable in battle.

Health: 1000, Attack: 1000, Heal: -50, Guard: 10, Charge: 1, Pierce

ST: Paralyzing Dart — Paralyze the enemy for 1 turn — 7T
S1: Trap Search — Remove all miss cards from a box — 1T
S2: Back Stab — Deal damage to the enemy ignoring her defense (1000, 1) — 6T
S3: Treasure Hunt — Proceed to next box space — 6T
B1: HP High Boost I
B2: Attack High Boost I
SS: Quick Paralyzing Dart — Paralyze the enemy for 1 turn — 5T

Elemental Master [ edit | edit source ]

Charge-based deck, 25 cards. this character is an unused game asset.

Health: 1000, Attack: 1000, Heal: -50, Guard: 10, Charge: 1, Pierce

ST: Quick Cast — Take two consecutive actions — 6T
S1: Drain Energy — Deal damage to the enemy and heal 50% of that damage (1800, 50) — 6T
S2: Power Cast — Significantly boost the effect of next charge card (250) — 6T
S3: Meditation — Discard the entire hand and draw same number of cards — 8T
B1: Attack High Boost I
B2: HP High Boost I
SS: Time Slip — Immediately make all other skills usable — 10T

Tys [ edit | edit source ]

Tys is not a playable character. She waits at the camp and gives you some guidance at the start of the game. Not much is known about her.

Источник статьи: http://dungeongirls.fandom.com/wiki/Characters

Dungeons and girls подарки

NOTICE: Deficient wikia, go to this one instead.

«Dungeon and card RPG with new style! Explore dungeons with your beautiful partner.» This wiki is for the mobile adventure game, dungeon and girls, in which you collect anime girls and waste your life away 🙂

Description [ edit | edit source ]

«Card RPG with pretty girls! Seek pretty girl partners and defeat Bosses!

— Is it possible to look for romance in dungeons? You can seek girl partners and upgrade your levels together

— Use the randomly generated cards to explore dungeons! It’s all random, but you need to plan ahead

— Strategically battle using attack, counter, heal, and focus cards! The cards are limited and the choice is to target your attacks

— Strategy changes with players’ job skills! You begin as an explorer, but you will be able to choose other jobs as you explore deep into the dungeon

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— Escape dangers with your partner’s special skills! Your partners have their own skills to back you up

— Your partner grows stronger as you get her favor! It’s classic. No girl dislikes gifts!»

-Dungeon&Girls Google Play Store Description

Resources [ edit | edit source ]

These are the pages that have information about features of the game to help you improve your gameplay

Partners — Partner descriptions, skills, and info

Items — Item descriptions and info

Characters — Player character descriptions, skills, and info

Источник статьи: http://dungeonandgirls.fandom.com/

Dungeon Levels

The Dungeons are the places were you fight monsters, can find loot boxes, and special items. In each run you need to advance 500 meters to reach the end of the dungeon and encounter the boss. Partner capture details on the Partners page.

Scroll down to the #Enemies section for a table of where to find them.

Dungeon Mechanics [ edit | edit source ]

Each dungeon is 500m long, and moving in groups of 5m, that means 100 spaces long. To reach level 20 before the boss, you should average 1 encounter every 5 spaces. Visible monsters and boxes are placed semi-randomly, no more than 6 spaces apart, which you can land on to fight/open. Additionally, landing on empty space has a random chance to give the following:

  • Be full healed : 10%
  • Find Item : 6%
  • Find Gold : 6%
  • Find Booster : 5%
  • Find Box (normal) : 5%
  • Find Box (rare) : 1%
  • Battle Monster (normal) : 5%
  • Battle Monster (red) : 1%
  • Skill recharge +2 : 2%

Enemy strength increases every 100m, and with total depth. Within each floor:

0-95 1.10 0.90 100- 1.35 1.20 200- 1.75 1.50 300- 2.15 1.85 400- 2.75 2.40 500- 3.10 2.65

on top of a linear increment that grows by total distance over 100. For example, Golem has 4300 base HP and 313-ish (numbers are rounded) increment. So in the 3000m level, at a distance of 350m, she will have |2.15 * 4300| + |2.15 * 313| * |3350 / 100| = 31421 hp (|| being rounding or flooring to an integer).

Bosses do not follow this pattern and have fixed stats. In the code, starting at 6000m the enemies use +1 level of multiplier, which explains the presence of a 500-595 multiplier.

Affection gain from defeating enemies is 1x from 0-195, 2x from 200-395, and 3x from 400 to end. this is multiplied by a number depending on which floor you are on, in this sequence: 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 7, 7, 8. This means, for example, at 3350m defeating an enemy will give 2×4 or 8 affection. Fight enemies past 400m on high floors to get the most affection per battle. I think bosses give the same amount, but completing a floor gives a bonus on the results screen.

Enemies [ edit | edit source ]

This is a table which details where each enemy is found. Sort by the floor you are interested in, and it will place enemies in the order they appear in the floor. Mimics can appear over common box and rare box respectively, with a low chance.

# Enemy Name Ent. 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 5000 5500 6000 6500
1 Fairy
33 Mimic -CB -CB -CB -CB -CB -CB -CB -CB -CB -CB -CB -CB -CB -CB
34 Mimic+ -RB -RB -RB -RB -RB -RB -RB -RB -RB -RB -RB -RB -RB -RB
35 Elemental

As you can see, for now, you can’t encounter some enemies at all:

  • [46] Succubus+
  • [48] Medusa+
  • [50] Cyclops+
  • [52] Death Knight+
  • [54] Demon+
  • [68] Seraph+

Also, floors 6000+ are not released for now, but they are in the game’s code.

Bosses [ edit | edit source ]

1st level: (Entrance) 0m — 500m

Floor Boss: Rabbit+ — 32278 HP

I’ll shoot your heart down! — Next turn she will deal

2nd level: 500m — 1000m

Floor Boss: Chimera+ — 38321 HP

Chimeric Combination! — Next turn she will attack you two times instead of once. The attacks go between 600 and 1000 HP.

Go Little Snaky! — Next turn the snake will attack you. Between 700 and 1000 HP.

3rd level: 1000m — 1500m

Floor Boss: Ghost+ — 27121 HP

If you pity me, let me suck some life out of you.- Next turn she will use Life Drain, which deals 800 to 1100 HP, and heal herself 2000 to 3000 HP.

4th level: 1500m -2000m

Floor Boss: Seiren+ — 60428 HP

Dance for me! — Next turn she will say Mesmerising the resonates, and stun you for 2 turns.

5th level: 2000m — 2500m

Floor Boss: Dark Elf+ — 69068 HP

Dark Elf attacks you 2 times per turn (attacks go between 800 — 1100 HP). After you low down the majority of Dark Elf life, she will begin to glow red («angry»), and she will start to use another skill.

It’s you who assaulted me first — Next turn she will use her skill, which do a decent amount of damage, but you can counter it and diminish the amount of damage you take (She mostly uses this skill two consecutive times).

Revive with this fresh blood — Next turn she will use her skill Sacrifice and heal herself approximately 14000 HP

6th level: 2500m — 3000m

Floor Boss: Seraph — 64719 HP

Seraph can be really annoying since she can heal herself and stun your partner, which reduces the damage you deal. Try to get all the Charge cards you get to inflict more damage. Also, Seraph attacks deal 1000-2000 damage.

Two on One is Unfair — Next she will use her skill Don’t get in the way, and stuns your partner for 3 turns.

Affectionate Healing — She will heal approximately 6000 HP .

Stop bullying on me, I will tell all-mighty god! — Next she says Let me tie you up, and stuns your partner for 5 turns.

Divine Dignity — Same as Affectionate Healing, but she will heal 9000 HP.

7th level: 3000m — 3500m

Floor Boss: Vampire — 129341 HP

Oh? Still full of energy? — The next turn she will use Drain Life, which deals a decent amount of damage and she heals herself. (If you use your counter it will be useless, since you can’t reduce the damage dealt, but reflects the damage done to you).

My charming gaze and sweet kisses to you. — The next turn she will use Mesmerising Smile, which will stun you for one turn, and then, she will use Bloody Mary, which deals damage, but your counter is effective against this skill. (After Mesmerising Smile she will use Bloody Mary 3 times)

You should know what I will be saying by now, don’t you? — Next turn she will use Paralysing Kiss, same as Mesmerising Smile, but this time it will stun you for 2 turns. Next she will use Bloody Mary 3 times again.

8th level: 3500m — 4000m

Floor Boss: Phoenix — 146178 HP

You can’t use same skill on me twice — Next turn she will use Burning Cosmo, and the next turn she will heal 40000 to 50000 of HP.

Pattern: «you can’t use the same skill on me twice» — Burning Cosmo — attack — attack — skill — attack — attack — skill, repeat.

She will say Burn, my Cosmo! — Next turn she will use Burning Cosmo, next she will do a normal attack and next turn she will use her skill, then she will attack you again, and next she will use her skill again, to finally say Burn, my Cosmo!, using Burning Cosmo again and repeat this cycle.

Pattern: «Burn my Cosmo!» — Burning Cosmo — Attack — Skill — Attack — Skill, repeat.

9th level: 4000m — 4500m

Floor boss: Valkyrie — 134787 HP

Dance! Four Spears of God! — For the next two turns she will attack you two times. Damage goes between 2200 and 2600 HP (You can counter the first one, but not the second one).

Short Break — She heals for 20000 HP approximately. She actives it in the same turn.

Devour! Eight Spears of God! — Same as Dance! Four Spears of God! but four turns in a row. Damage amount is the same and you can counter just the first hit. This series of 8 attacks, 4 un-blockable, is very deadly so you will need to heal during it.

10th level: 4500m — 5000m

Floor Boss: Dragon — 243993 HP

Dragon doesn’t have any healing powers, but she can kill you in one hit if you don’t have over 8000 HP. You should focus on having counter cards and get all the life you can when you level up.

Behold the power of the ancient dragon family!: Next turn she will do a decent amount of damage.

Even if you defend! — Next turn she will use Gravity Wave, which deals half your health, ignoring defense.

I’ll pierce trough with this attack! — Next turn she will use her skill, which deals approximately 8200 of damage. You’re going to need a counter card to survive this.

11th level: 5000m — 5500m

Floor boss: Kyonshi+ — 243540 HP

«Soul Summon!» — soul possession (80% of current health ignore defense) — soul drain (absorb attack) — soul drain (absorb attack) — attack — attack — attack

«Don’t get in my way!» — double attack — attack — double attack

12th level: 5500m — 6000m

Floor boss: Sabori+ — 257565 HP

Pattern: «let’s clean something dirty» — stun 2 — «some text that goes off the screen» — double attack (total

6000 damage) — «power (wage) up» + heal — double attack — normal attack for 3 turns

Pattern: «i’ll get a raise when this battle is over» — «power (wage) up» + heal — double attack — «power (wage) up» + heal — double attack — «power (wage) up» + heal — double attack

First phase isn’t too bad if you have over 6000 health, but the angry pattern is much more deadly in addition to some significant healing.

13th level: 6000m — 6500m

Not released for now.

Killer Bee+ and Snow Princess+ are supposed to be this and the next floor’s bosses and late rare monsters, like Kyonshi+ and Sabori+ are, but the levels are not accessible.

Источник статьи: http://dungeongirls.fandom.com/wiki/Dungeon_Levels

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