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Full Name: Hans Axel von Fersen
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black

Hans Axel von Fersen is a count of Sweden and an outstanding diplomat. He fought in the American Revolutionary War alongside his friend, Lafayette. A romantic at heart, he carries himself with an air of elegance and poise.

Fersen is a Queen Marie companion who is available from the beginning of the game.


Profile [ edit | edit source ]

Appearance [ edit | edit source ]

Fersen is a tall, thin man with long black hair. His clothing is primarily black and white, with gold and red accents.

Interests [ edit | edit source ]

Quotes [ edit | edit source ]

«A place where you are free to pursue your ideal lifestyle and romance, that is the beauty of France!»

«Me, a casanova? I am merely searching for my ideal partner.»

«There is nothing more romantic than to die for your country in war, to die for what you love.»

Gameplay [ edit | edit source ]

Gift Guide [ edit | edit source ]

Fersen likes gifts that have the traits Tool or Decor.

Best Gifts

Gift Name Affection Points Recipe
Holy Cross 90 Gemstone + Medicine
Golden Apple 75 Fruit + Metal
Hunting Musket 75 Metal + Wood

Goodwill Gifts [ edit | edit source ]

Level Two: Budding Clasp Blueprint

Level Three: Ivory Flower Blueprint

Level Four: White Rose Pendant Keepsake

Level Five: Royal Flush Blueprint

Level Six: Feather Mask Keepsake

Letters [ edit | edit source ]

I hope you’ve been well all these years.

I never thought leaving would be such an arduous thing, until I left France.

Maybe I’m being too forward. but do you know that when I first laid eyes upon you, I was overcome with such joy. And now. when I think of that day, my eyes grow moist.

During the [masquerade] ball, you captured my heart.

I was feeling so lost that I decided to run away. But now, after staring death in the eye, I can face up to my own feelings. As long as you’re there, as long as my heart still beats, my feelings toward you will never change.

Hans Axel von Fersen

Please forgive the sudden letter. Did you sleep well last night? Yesterday, I went to the opera, and I couldn’t help thinking of you. I still remember you telling me that you love the opera, and that you like to play the role of ordinary people on stage.

And now, I guess your wish has been fulfilled. I visited your theater a few days ago, and all the seats were filled. And I also watched your performance.

I should be happy for you, but I couldn’t help but worry. Your life is just as exciting as ever, and I wonder if the memories we share are simply fading into oblivion like old wallpaper.

So, my dear Marie, my lovely princess, I truly hope that you will let me create even more memories with you, to make up for the time we’ve lost. Will you?

A man drowning in memories

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I received a letter from my father today…

He asked when will I be going home, and I wrote back to say that because the King appreciates my presence, I won’t be able to leave France for the time being.

My lovely Marie, if I were to leave your side some day, would you try to make me stay?

Or would you graciously allow me to leave…

The tears and laughter we’ve shared are engraved upon my heart, and will forever be a part of me.

So I must tell you clearly how I feel.

My blessing would be to stay by your side, and even if I am unable to spend every minute of my life with you, as long as I can see your beautiful face, hear your sweet voice, and touch your warm hands… As long as I can see you, I am satisfied.

My rose, I can never leave you behind, in life or in death…

And I hope that this letter can convey my feelings, and tell you that I am all yours, heart and soul. My feelings will only grow in intensity over time, and if I were to lose you, it would shatter me into a million pieces.

Your pathetic admirer

Character Relic [ edit | edit source ]

Fersen’s Relic is the Ebony Violin. Starting at Goodwill level 5, you will receive a copy of his relic/shard every time his Goodwill levels up.

Whenever Fersen plays this violin from his hometown, he thinks of Sweden’s forests, lakes, and sky. Every familiar note is a reminder of that cozy home.

Chapter Appearances [ edit | edit source ]

The following lists show all stages in which this character appears, but do not detail what happens. This section could be considered a minor spoiler, so proceed with caution.

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Dress up! Time princess

⭐ Ты с нетерпением ждала летних каникул, но теперь тебе нужно навестить своего дедушку в Райском городке. Это таинственное место, твой старый дедушка и спальня, в которой когда-то спала мама. Ты не можешь не чувствовать, что здесь скрыта какая-то тайна.
Показать полностью.

💋 Пыльный старый шкаф станет вратами между реальностью и миром книг и откроет путь к прекрасному, волшебному приключению

🏰 Сделай шаг в Версаль и сразись с хаосом, угрожающим королевству, из-за роскошного ожерелья; получи потрясающий королевский наряд и погрузись в красоту рококо 18 века. И, конечно, встреть в своей жизни особенного человека, сталкиваясь с трудными решениями в опасных ситуациях.

👑 Уникальные и красивые наряды и аксессуары. Каждая история имеет свой собственный стиль, который соответствует миру, в котором она находится: древний, современный, восточный, западный и многие другие

👌 Выбор развития сюжета. Конец истории и судьба ее персонажей находятся в твоих руках

👗 Продвинутая система дизайна одежды. Используй свое воображение и используй особые стили, узоры и цвета, чтобы настроить все по своему вкусу

😺 Расслабляющая и веселая система коллекционирования домашних животных. Собери милых котят с разными окрасами и способностями и отправь их за нужными материалами. Нет необходимости повторять этапы снова и снова. Получи все, что тебе нужно, в веселой и беззаботной манере

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💕 Заведи друзей и поделись с ними своим гардеробом. Подружись с другими игроками по всему миру или поделись своей одеждой и своим творчеством!

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Kitty Bed

Cats are companions that can be used to gather materials and boost your dress up scores.

There are four cats that can be collected in the Queen Marie story; 1 male and 3 females. When you collect them all, you will be able to breed your cats; by breeding your cats, you can obtain higher rarity kitties that can collect better items and give a higher score boost.

You can send out cats to explore for intervals of 2, 4, or 8 hours. Keep in mind that it will take an equal amount of time for those cats to rest before they can go exploring again. If you select a 2 hour exploration, you will get the gifts back in 2 hours, but won’t be able to use the cat(s) you sent for four hours. Resting cats are able to go on «dates» and make kittens.

You can speed up the exploration by using diamonds. For each minute left in the exploration, it costs one diamond to speed up. If you want to speed up a 2 hour exploration from the start, it will cost 120 diamonds. If you have 30 minutes left, it will cost 30 diamonds. Alternatively, you can buy Kitty Bells to speed up exploration for all your exploring cats. And use Kitty Beds to reduce rest time, however kitty bed only works for one cat.

Cats can be dressed up in cute clothing that can be obtained as login gifts and through the Style Pass. There is no exploration bonus to any cat clothes.


Kitty Dating [ edit | edit source ]

The time and cost of breeding cats will depend on the cats rarity. For example a 1 star male and 1 star female will take 3 hours and 20 minutes and cost 2,000, a 2 star male and a 1 star female will take 3 hours and 30 minutes and cost 2,200, and a 2 star male and a 2 star female will take 7 hours and cost 3,100. The cats being bred cannot explore, be dressed up, or interacted until it done. Speeding it up will cost 1 per minute.

Tap on the kittens in thought bubble, before tapping the «Start Dating» to preview what cat the kittens will grow up to be.

If you send unwanted cats and kittens away, you will lose you Kitty Fame and gain cat food, the amount depending on the cat/kitten’s level and rarity. However if you send the kitten away when get it, it’ll cost no Kitty Fame and you’ll gain x1 Nutri Feed.

Kittens will only grow up through Kitty Interaction, and can’t explore or date until they are adults. They’ll grow up into adult cats once they hit Kitty Love level 4. Kittens are able to wear cat clothes and provide score boosts in dress up, though they provide a lower score than adults.

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Kitty Slots [ edit | edit source ]

You start out with 6 cat slots, with additional slots costing diamonds. The first paid slot cost 300, and the prices will rise until your 20th slot, after which they will all cost 1,500 diamonds.

Slot 1-6 7 8 9 10-20 21+
Cost Free 300 500 800 1,000 1,500

Kitty Fame [ edit | edit source ]

Kitty fame is earned by acquiring a new unique cat or raising a cat’s Love. A new unique cat will net you 10 Kitty Fame per star, for example a two star cat will net you 20 Kitty Fame. You’ll need to claim it manually from the Kitty Chart. In addition, at the end of the week you’ll be given a reward based on your Kitty Fame.

Kitty Love [ edit | edit source ]

Raising your cat’s Kitty Love will also increase it’s clothing score. However, Kitty Love can only be raised by giving «gifts». The cats often ask for 1 to 5 cat food, clothing materials, or gifting materials as gifts. By default you can only give your cat’s 10 gifts. Additional interactions can be gained by raising your Kitty Fame. It cost 10 diamonds to change what a Kitten/Cat asks for. What they ask for will change at the start of the next day.

Materials will give you 10 Kitty Love per 1 material. Cat food gives the following: Nutri Feed (gray) gives 10 points, Kitty Deli (blue) is 20 points, Mew Organics (green) is 50 points.

The required needed interaction to level them up seems to be different depending on a cats’ rarity.

Rarity Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
10 160 310 460 610 860 1,110 1,360 1610 Max
25 220 415 610 805 1,130 1,455 1,780 2,105 Max
70 340 610 880 1,150 1,600 2,050 2,500 ? Max
145 520 895 1,270 ? ? ? ? ? Max

Exclusive Rewards [ edit | edit source ]

Earn enough Kitty Fame and you’ll get the following rewards.

Kitty Fame Reward
100 Daily Kitty Interaction +1
1500 Daily Kitty Interaction +1
5500 Daily Kitty Interaction +1
10500 Daily Kitty Interaction +1
19000 Daily Kitty Interaction +1
23100 Daily Kitty Interaction +1
27600 Daily Kitty Interaction +1

Badges [ edit | edit source ]

As the cats explore, now and then they will mention some little events they encounter on their journey. After they’ve encountered an event a specified number of times, you will be given a badge to celebrate. The badges don’t have much use, but there are some achievements to be earned based on how many you get.

You can unlock new badges as you unlock new stories. There is no way to control what events the cats will encounter; just enjoy the badges when they show up.

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